POST #6.66 – 08/07/17


POST #6-66 – 8 juillet 2017 – Le Supercoin

no Artist Song
1 Imperial Teen You’re One
2 Basement 5 Last White Christmas
3 Mrs Magician Dead 80’s
4 Bikini Kill Feels Blind
5 Morphine Honey White
6 XTC Scissor Man
7 Killing Joke Requiem
8 Parts & Labor New Crimes
9 Tuxedomoon Joeboy The Electronic Ghost
10 Heimat Wieder Ja!
11 Snapped Ankles I WANT MY MINUTES BACK
12 Flipper Ha Ha Ha
13 Metz & Swami Let It Rust
14 Octagrape Rabalais
15 Wipers Return of the Rat
16 Butthole Surfers Pepper
17 The Marked Men Fix My Brain
18 Skids Into The Valley
19 Wall of Voodoo This Way Out
20 The Soaks Boyfriend
21 The Heartaches King Kong’s Party
22 Sonny Vincent & RFTC Pieces
23 Wire Comet
24 Fugazi Epic Problem
25 My Name Why I Fight
26 L7 Shirley
27 Coliseum Fuzzbang
28 The Mekons Hard To Be Human Again
29 Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster Celebrate Your Mother
30 The Mirrors Hands In My Pockets
31 Rob Jo Star Band Acid Revolution
32 Zola X Space Age Love
33 The Hammersmith Gorillas You Really Got Me
34 The Germs Forming
35 Agent Orange Bloodstains
36 The Urinals Ack Ack Ack Ack
37 Circle Jerks What-s Your Problem
38 The Jermz Powercut
39 Killjoys Johnny doesn-t want to go to heaven
40 Black Flag Out Of This World
41 Bush Tetras Too Many Creeps
42 Mars 3E
43 Lizzy Mercier Decloux Wawa
44 Horse Lords Truthers
45 Kohti Tuhoa Noitavainoa
46 Zu Carbon
47 Part Chimp Mapoleon
48 Bruxa Maria The Hipsters And The Heathens
49 Arabrot The Money Will Roll Right In
50 Big Black Passing Complexion
51 The Body The City Of The Magnificent Jewel
52 Power Trip Executioner’s Tax (Swing of the Axe)
53 Oathbreaker Glimpse Of The Unseen
54 Corrections House Crossing My One Good Finger
55 Uniform Tabloid
56 Gnod Bodies for Money
57 Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Sweet Relief
58 Al-Namrood Nabth


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